Flux Maintenance
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2023-03-30 02:10:41
Find the Top 10 of the oldest players active on Ogame. Patriarch/Matriarch
2023-03-28 00:27:59
Module Comparaison
In mobile phone mode, you could not use the 'Comparison' mode by clicking on the icon. It is resolved.
2023-03-21 04:22:27
'Lifeform' points are available on the website.
2023-02-20 16:10:08
Tonight we are going to change the faulty server hardware. During this period, the server and the WEB site will no longer be available. To be informed in real time, you can follow us on: https://twitter.com/mmorpg_stat
2023-02-15 21:02:21
The server's main SSD disk has signs of failure. I am currently performing a full system backup (possible WEB slowdowns). The disk will be tested tonight. This will render the WEB site inoperative during this period. You can follow the evolution and resolution of the problem step by step at: https://twitter.com/mmorpg_stat